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    Favourite Hotel Stays of 2013/2014

    Having spent most of my adult life living in hotels, I’ve come to be extraordinarily particular about where I stay. Although I tend to favour small, luxury botique hotels or properties, it’s not always…

  • Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Copenhagen, Denmark

    If a city could feel both familiar and unfamiliar at the same time to me, it would be Copenhagen. I know the city so well from so much time spent there yet I’ve despite…

  • Amsterdam Canal
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    Despite all my years of travel – and having lived so close at times – Amsterdam is a city that I’d never been to. And truth be told, had no desire to ever visit.…

  • Santa Monica California
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    Santa Monica, California

    When I explain why I love Santa Monica and have called in home since 2005, outsiders (especially those just as weary of LA as I used to be) listen with. But when I mention…

  • Getty Images. Christian Dior Models in an Air France Plane 1955

    Long-Haul In-Flight Beauty

    As a regular long-haul or red-eye flyer, I’ve learned that if I don’t look after my skin in-flight, there is no recovering once I land. So over the years I’ve developed an in-flight beauty…

  • Hotel Casa De Mar Santa Monica California

    Hotel Casa del Mar, Santa Monica California

    Santa Monica, California is known for its beaches but if you want to stay right on it, your options are limited. Luckily, Casa del Mar is one amazing option. A local landmark, Hotel Casa…