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Favourite Hotel Stays of 2013/2014

Having spent most of my adult life living in hotels, I’ve come to be extraordinarily particular about where I stay. Although I tend to favour small, luxury botique hotels or properties, it’s not always about the cost that tips me over. In fact, I’ve stayed in a lot of high-priced 5 star hotels that I’d never recommend because of attitudes and poor service.

What matters to me? Genuine and friendly staff, location, room comfort/quiet, charm, value. The last one I calculate based on how much is the hotel contributing to a great trip compared to what I’m paying for it. I’ve spent $2,500K a night on a hotel that I found an incredible value because, 10 years later, I’m still talking about how magical it was and how it made a special birthday all the more special (and that hotel? The Four Seasons, Paris). I’ve also stayed in really inexpensive hotels that had lumpy beds and lots of outside noise which made me toss and turn all night, which made travel difficult the next day.

So here are my favourite hotel stays of the past two years with hopefully more detailed reviews to come. In the meantime, you can see and subscribe to them on my Favourite Hotel Stays Pinterest Board to find a hotel hopefully for your next trip:

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