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Hotel Triton, San Francisco California

Deciding to escape the drab Seattle winter with a quick trip to San Francisco was easy. Finding a hotel proved a little more difficult.

Our criteria for the hotel were specific – low cost, great location, comfortable yet stylish with a cosy lounge area for meeting friends. And did I mention cost? With hotels averaging $250 a night, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get everything I wanted for an affordable price.

Then I found Hotel Triton.

Their colourful, yet easy to navigate website caught my attention as did their sass, which let me know this wouldn’t be the usual stuffy business hotel but instead a unique experience.

With a couple of clicks, I reserved a room from the hotel’s online ‘Specials and Packages’ page for $115 U.S. per night. Within seconds, I received a confirmation email with all the reservation details, and three weeks later, we were checking in.

Our goal this trip was to get away from the regular. We wanted to see colour, style and feel a little hip. Pulling up to the Hotel Triton and seeing their huge sun sign on the outside of the building and bright colours inside, we knew we were staying at the right place.

With an attentive staff, check-in was extremely easy, as was discovering what to do in the area. While the bellman took our bags to our room, he dished the city’s secrets, including where to eat, hang out, and grab a coffee. We knew the hotspots after only a few minutes in town.

Entering our room on the seventh (also the top) floor , the first thing I noticed was its small size. Cosy for the two of us on a three-day stay, but for anything longer, the room could feel cramped. However, the playful art, funky lampshades and bright decor made up for any lack of space. Despite the size, this was definitely not your regular hotel room.

What also set this room apart was its distinction as an “Eco Room” – one of only twenty-four in the hotel. The Eco-Floor has purified water, air filtration systems, biodegradable amenities, and natural linens on the beds. In this room, you can save $3 and skip the Evian from the mini-bar, because the water from the tap tastes just as pure. And despite the room size – housing just a bed, armoire and desk – thanks to the air filtration system, the room always felt fresh.

After unpacking, we left the hotel in search of food but didn’t have to search very far. Cafes, restaurants and fast food places were all within walking distance, and the hotel even boasts its very own French caf? – perfect for that afternoon latte.

Following supper, we met up with a friend in the hotel lobby. Since I knew we would be meeting a friend during our stay, having a lobby that offered an intimate place to chat and lounge was vital. Hotel Triton’s lobby did not disappoint. Filled with bright colours, bold artwork, and great jazz music playing through speakers, this lobby all but invited me to sit around all night and sip wine. With a complimentary evening reception and lots of over sized seating, I was able to.

On a Saturday night the place packed up quickly, yet we were still able to hold conversations with our friend without yelling. In fact, the ambiance and buzz created that evening led us to strike up several conversations with other travelers. I forgot I was in a hotel lobby and felt instead as if I were in some swank club in New York City.

After drinks, we headed out to explore San Francisco by night. Located in the popular neighborhood of Union Square (with the famed Chinatown gates are just a block away), Hotel Triton makes it easy to get out on the town to enjoy late night shopping, caf? sitting or a club or two. On vacation, who wants to be in bed by 9p.m.? Not us, and we took advantage of the hotel’s location and headed out for a few hours of fun.

Returning to the hotel, I took a late-night dip in the bath (mandatory rubber duck included) and unwound from a busy day. The fragrant bubbles, soaps and lotions soothed my tired soul, as did slipping into one of the complimentary plush robes afterwards.

Popping a compact disc into the room’s CD player, the room took on a relaxing feel. The soundproof windows kept outside noise at bay and the red walls, coloured glass lights and oversized duvet turned the room into a cosy, sleep-inducing haven.

The Hotel Triton provided the perfect backdrop for our trip and met all our needs. I left feeling refreshed, relaxed and even a little hip. In fact, when I returned home, I noticed I sashayed down the sidewalk just a little more than usual, as if the spirit I’d captured at the Hotel Triton was still with me.

Hotel Triton Web site
42 Grant Ave. San Francisco, CA 94108
reservations: 800.800.1299
hotel direct: 415.394.0500

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