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Staying in Sausalito, California

Just minutes over the Golden Gate Bridge the hidden hotspot Sausalito awaits. Incorporated in 1893 by Spanish Explorers, the town covers a mere two and one half miles but keeps travellers engaged with its historic harbour, unique shops and numerous galleries.

Although satisfying as a day trip from San Francisco, to really enjoy Sausalito and its myriad offerings, take an overnight trip. For the quintessential Sausalito experience, check into Hotel Sausalito, and bask in its exceptional service, rates and rooms.

A presence since 1915, this luxurious Mission-Revival style boutique hotel offers more than warm golden rooms and suites – it offers history. Famous artisans lodged here, Hollywood created movies here and gangsters such as Baby Face once hid out here.

Now this sixteen-room property hosts international travellers escaping big hotels with impersonal rooms. Cosy suites with inviting duvets, carefully selected hand crafted furnishings by local artisans, stained glass windows and lush linens create an intimate ambiance. It makes getting out of bed difficult. However, leaving behind the harbour and park views creates opportunities for other treats.

Just outside Hotel Sausalito’s doors, quaint turn-of-the-century buildings line the small, Riviera-inspired streets which house more than fourteen galleries, six cafes and the popular Bacchus &Venus – a must stop for California wine tasting.

Numerous parks, such as Tiffany Park, provide bay views as well as willow trees, which inspired the town’s name (Sausalito is Spanish for “willow” trees). Bike and boat rentals abound along the harbour, providing a fresh view of the town, the water and San Francisco.

After working up an appetite, head to the Spinnaker Restaurant which offers visual and gastronomic treats. The postcard-quality views of the bay and Sausalito complement to the top rated coastal menu.

Fresh seafood, an impressive wine list and sinful desserts soothe patrons from the inside out. It is all thanks to Chef Phil Collins, who has been at the helm for more than 15 years. His creations and the sailboats floating by the window provide a unique dining experience.

Sausalito is a waterfront retreat worlds apart from the pressures and hustle of city life, and a must-stop for any San Francisco Bay area traveller. In fact, it might make San Francisco seem like the stopover.

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