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    Packing for Winter Travel

    My job requires that I travel a lot and, since October, have been travelling long-haul flights every month, primarily to Europe with a couple to Singapore via Hong Kong. With an…

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    Long-Haul In-Flight Beauty

    As a regular long-haul or red-eye flyer, I’ve learned that if I don’t look after my skin in-flight, there is no recovering once I land. So over the years I’ve developed…

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    Successful Road Tripping

    Despite the increase of gas prices, road trips continue to be popular. They have a certain kind of romance to them which is perhaps why important details and realistic plans are…

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    Living Souvenirs

    I’m a huge believer in not buying trinket souvenirs for a couple of reasons; first, they hardly ever support the local economy and second, you hardly ever use them (when was…

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    Summer Boating in Vancouver

    The locals’ intimate connection with the sea likely began when Squamish and Musqueam peoples first dipped their paddles into Burrard Inlet’s rich waters. Yet visitors to Vancouver’s harbour tend to distance…