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Venice Canals in California Day Trip

In 1904, a man named Abbott Kinney came from the east in search of a better climate to help his health. He discovered Venice California, fell in-love, and decided to build 20 miles of canals. Since then the Venice canals have gone through many changes including being a slum in the 70’s and 80’s. But thanks to a $6 million dollar renovation in the 1990’s, combined with famous Hollywood types and award-winning architects moving in, the 2 miles of canals that are left are once again back to their glory days.


It took me over five years of living next door in Santa Monica to discover the Venice Canals. I’d heard about them but it’s not really something people – either those who live nearby or tourists – seek out. It took having out of town guests and trying to find something local and easy to do to get finally me there. And once there, I fell in-love with the area and instantly wanted to move in. But with less than 1% vacancy and an average rent of $6K a month it looks like I’ll have to settle for day trips instead.


What I loved was how unique every home was and how they all maintained a sense of privacy despite the fact you were walking right by their homes, often right by their windows. The Venice Canals are a relaxed area, definitely upscale but completely casual at the same time. Most lots are small (30′ wide by 80′ to 95′ deep) so there’s a lot of different homes to look at. Highly recommend this easy and beautiful walk if you’re in the LA area where dogs are OK but bikes are not.


Venice Canals Walking Map

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